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The Razor Sharp People Skills Seminar

Recorded LIVE -Session One - Three Hours from The Radison Hotel Santa Barbara, CA Session Two - Three Hours from The Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki, HI - Seven CD Set- Plays on any MP3 Device, iPhone, Android, Computer or Download to CD

Discover The Potential Inside, You Didn't Even Know Existed!

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“Finally! A Simple System to Help You Effectively and Powerfully Communicate so People Listen, Understand, and Want to Help You Achieve Your Biggest, Brightest Goals…” 
Everything you need to know to get your message across clearly and persuasively, in every situation 

BONUS: The Razor Sharp International Weekly Teleconference Call

Super charge your business, employees, improve morale, lower employee turnover and improve your communication skills!

Four Calls Per Month- Learn from Internationally renowned master trainers and motivators.  Listen LIVE weekly or 24/7 access to rebroadcast calls.  Dial in from home, office, car or listen on any

The Razor Sharp People Skills Seminar - Seven CD/MP3 Download

(Over Six Hours) - Workbook/Guide +

BONUS - Access to The Razor Sharp International Weekly Teleconference

The Razor Sharp People Skills Seminar

Recorded LIVE Now Available on Easy MP3 Download!

Classroom Workbook

Complete 40 Page Workbook and Study Guide

PDF Version - Easy Download and Emailed to Your Inbox.  

People Skills Training

Did you realize your ability to communicate determines 
85% of your success in life?

How well do YOU communicate? (And how much money are you losing because you cannot communicate as effectively as you know you could?)

Now Available on MP3 Download!  
Easily Download All Six CDs Today!

Recorded LIVE

         Here is a SMALL SAMPLE of what you'll learn in The Great People Skills Seminar

  • ​RAZOR SHARP CONFIDENCE: in situations that once caused you stress and anxiety 
  • BECOME MORE INFLUENTIAL: at home at work in life  
  • STRENGTHEN YOUR RAPPORT: learn how to talk to anyone at anytime about anything  
  • ESTABLISH YOURSELF AS A RESPECTED RAZOR SHARP LEADER:  who gets exceptional results through working with others   
  • BREAK OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE: feel more comfortable in unfamiliar settings and activities
  • NEVER AGAIN EXPERIENCE THE MISUNDERSTANDINGS AND MISCOMMUNICATIONS: that have plagued working relationships in the past​

IT'S SIMPLE: This Razor Sharp Program will dramatically improve your professional and personal people skills!